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Thursday November 23rd 2017

Supracor Spacells Facial Exfoliator Review

Supracor Spacells Facial Sponges have provided a new solution to the question, what do you use to wash your face?  Not what product, face wash, lotion, cleanser or foam do you use… but do you wash your face with your hands?  A washcloth?  This can make all the difference!  If you use your hands, the dirt and oils from your fingers can actually clog your pores.  If you use a washcloth, you run the risk of breakouts from bacteria that love to grow in washcloths.  Supracor Spacells Facial Sponges are antibacterial (so no risk of bacteria growing on it), the special texture gently exfoliates your skin (your face will be super soft!), and there is even a more “coarse” side for using in the shower to exfoliate rough skin spots (like your elbows, knees… I even love to use it on my back and chest to keep my skin acne free!).

Supracor Spacells Facial Sponge
Supracor Spacells Facial Sponge

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